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Social Security Disability For Hearing Loss

Posted on March 7th, 2017 by Miller Drozdowski

Did you know that more than 37 million adults in the U.S report some hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)? The NIDCD and NIH report that about a quarter of adults age 65 and older have hearing loss that is disabling. The loss of hearing can be […]

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Do I Need To Be Disabled For A Year To Apply?

Posted on February 16th, 2017 by Miller Drozdowski

Social Security disability benefits are more complex than meets the eye, we find that there are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding the qualifications to be approved for disability benefits. As a disability lawyer in Knox County, we are often asked if an applicant needs to be disabled for a complete calendar year before they […]

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Higher Success Rate For SSD Benefits

Posted on January 17th, 2017 by Miller Drozdowski

If the time comes and you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits, there are steps you should take in order improve your chance for approval. Applying for disability benefits on your own can be very difficult. The process is long, complicated, and can, unfortunately, be fruitless at times. The complex nature of a […]

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7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Applying For Disability

Posted on December 12th, 2016 by Miller Drozdowski

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult. One of the most common mistakes made by those applying for Social Security disability benefits is not working with a law firm due to the belief that it is expensive. Here at Miller & Drozdowski, P.C., no attorney fee is paid unless you win. If your […]

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Applying For Benefits For Bipolar Disorder

Posted on November 4th, 2016 by Miller Drozdowski

Severe mood swings caused by Bipolar disorder can make working, learning, and everyday tasks difficult to perform. Bipolar disorder, also called manic depression, is a psychotic mental disorder involving both depression and mania. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to help alleviate the financial struggles for those living with bipolar disorder. As a […]

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Thank you for helping me with my disability and making it a pleasant experience. Emma was very great, explained everything so I could understand. Seems like she really cares for people, she is excellent, knows her job and does it well. I will indeed tell others about your office and send them to you, if I have to bring them myself, you all are great. Thank you.

~ Debra G.

You all did a great job. Thanks for being a blessing to me and my family. Keep up the good work.

~ Nakeesha C.

Thank you for being there for me! You helped me with things on my case that I didn’t even know about. You were in the office whenever I needed somebody to talk to. You were the best lawyers that I have ever had.

~ Stephanie H.

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